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  • Get Certified Articles – We are looking for articles that describe the process one must go through to get certified from one of the main project management organizations. Articles can be about filling out the application, describing work experience, exam preparation, and much more. If you have written an article that you think can help others get certified, please share it.
  • PM How-to Videos – We are looking for videos that describe how to do every aspect of project management, from writing a project charter, dealing with stakeholders, to creating product roadmaps and more. We aim to become the one project management free resource library and you can help be a part of it.
  • Professional Articles – We are looking for articles for your everyday project and product managers who want to learn some new tricks of the trade. If you have written an article and think it can help others hone their project & product management skills, please be sure to share it.
  • Templates & Visual – We are looking for project & product management templates and visuals. They can be templates on how to write a project charter, writing user stories, creating an elevator pitch, and more. If you have created your own templates and visuals and think they can benefit the community, be sure to share them.

Before you Contribute, something to consider – The content that you submit, whether it be an article, how-to video, visual or template, will be viewed and/or downloaded hundreds or even thousands of times. Professionals and other practitioners like yourself, will use these docs to learn and apply at their jobs. Please make sure to double check your work for any typos or mistakes that may have slipped in.

Submitting an Article, Visual, or How-to Video Process

  • Subject Line: AgiFall Content Contribution
  • Email address
  • Name
  • Title of your article, template, or how-to video
  • Give a short description of your article, template, visual, or how-to video
  • Please select the category your content should go in:
    1.  Get Certified Articles
    2.  How-to videos
    3.  Professional articles
    4.  Templates & Visuals 
  • Please write – “I accept and give permission to AgiFall to publish my materials on the site.”
Send it to - If you have any further questions, please contact Philip.

Content Contribution Terms

Please Only contribute content that belongs to you. It cannot be copied from other websites or companies, or other content. Please mention any sources used to write/create your content. All content undergoes a review process and is then uploaded to the free project management resource library.
By submitting your content, you are affirming that you are the author of the article, how-to video, or template, and granting the right to publish it. See our 'Terms of Use' for details.
Edit Content Request – If you need to make an edit to an article or document, please submit a short email with the changes needed and it will be updated internally.
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