Should I get a PMP Certification
Should I Get A PMP Certification? Is It Worth It?
November 1, 2017
What Happens If I Get Audited For PMP?
What Happens If I Get Audited for PMP?
November 6, 2017

Free PMP Exam Questions 2017

Free PMP Exam Questions

Woman taking free PMP exam questions

Free PMP Exam Questions 2017

As we study for the PMP® Exam, going through the PMBOK multiple times to review difficult content, we will also start looking for free PMP exam questions for extra practice. In the section below, I have added several free websites with exam questions. The most important thing to do, besides studying the PMBOK for the PMP and taking practice exams, is to use high quality questions. The links below have been handpicked to follow the quality criteria. If you are not sure if you are ready to take the exam, read this article.   


Free PMP® Exam Question Sites – Top Picks

Oliver Lehmann – The first one on the list is Oliver Lehmann’s free 75 question test. Oliver has done a fantastic job writing these questions. They are both challenging and slightly more difficult than the PMP® Exam. If you score well on this test you will do well on the official exam. No need to sign up, just sit down and get started on exam questions.

OSP International LLC – Another great site is OSP International LLC. Cornelius Fichtner and his team have created multiple prep exams and learning programs to pass the PMP and other PMI certifications. The link below gives you access to 110 free questions. Short sign up area.

PMP Question Bank – The PMP Question Bank also provides 200 free, difficult exam questions. There is no sign-up area, just sit down and start test-taking.

Simplilearn – Simplilearn is another highly qualified project management provider. Their free simulator offers 200 difficult and well-written questions. There is a short sign-up to access the test.


Additional Free Exam Sites

PreparePM – Offers high quality exam questions along with a real-feel online test environment. There is a total of 165 free questions and no sign-up required.

PMStudy – Another simulator that offers 200 free questions. Sign up involved.


Time to get started

With the links above, you should have close to 1000 questions. These high-quality, difficult, and free questions should keep you busy for a while and help you prepare for your big exam day. If you have used any other free exam material which you consider high-quality and difficult, please feel free to share it and I will add it to the list. Please share your questions, comments, and your experience with these tests. For more articles on project management certification, check out our section on Get-Certified Articles.

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