How to create a wireframe
How to Create a Wireframe
January 16, 2018

Get PMP Certified Before March 26th

Get PMP certified before March 26th

Get PMP Certified Before March 26th – All the Free Resources You Need!

Do you aspire to become PMP certified? Are you trying to get PMP certified before March 26th before the new edition comes out? If so, I am here to help. There is still time to get certified, but you have got to run to get it done. I have put together the top free resources you need to get prepared for the big exam. All the simulators have been tested and are free and working. The race is on. Let’s get started!


Free PMP® Exam Question Sites – Top Picks To Help You Get PMP Certified Before March 26th 


Oliver Lehmann

The first one on the list is Oliver Lehmann’s free 75 question test. Oliver has done a fantastic job writing these questions. They are both challenging and slightly more difficult than the PMP® Exam. If you score well on this test you will do well on the official exam. No need to sign up, just sit down and get started on exam questions.


OSP International LLC

Another great site is OSP International LLC. Cornelius Fichtner and his team have created multiple prep exams and learning programs to pass the PMP and other PMI certifications. The link below gives you access to 110 free questions. Short sign up area.


PMP Question Bank

The PMP Question Bank also provides 200 free, difficult exam questions. There is no sign-up area, just sit down and start test-taking.



Simplilearn is another highly qualified project management provider. Their free simulator offers 200 difficult and well-written questions. There is a short sign-up to access the test.


CAPM Exam Practice – Not just the PMP is going to change, the CAPM is also going to get updated. If you are preparing for the CAPM Exam, be sure to check out this free 150 multiple choice questions to help prepare you.



This site offers a mock exam with 75 free questions and answers. No signup needed. Just sit down and get started answering exam questions.



Is another resource that has multiple free questions. They have over 1000 exam questions in their bank. There is a quick signup to access the questions, but it is free.


Head First Labs

This site offers a real exam experience and you can choose to do up to 200 questions. Quick signup involved to get started, but free.


Edwel Programs

This site offers 75 exam questions to test your readiness for the exam. No signup involved. Just sit down and practice.  



Another simulator that offers 200 free questions. Sign up involved.


More Resources to Help You Get PMP Certified Before March 26th

Check out my PMP Preparation Roadmap. Here are the exact steps I took to pass the PMP and the PMI-ACP Exams.  


PMBOK 5th Edition

The PMBOK is literally the bible of project management and you must know it in and out. In fact, many PMP questions that you will see throughout the exam are based on its content. I read the PMBOK two times. Although it is very dry and a bit boring, it is a must-read to pass the exam. Make sure to read over the glossary and all the definitions and vocabulary. I have noticed that some questions are pulled right out of the definitions, so this really helped! Go through the PMBOK a second time. You will be surprised at the amount of content and things you may have skipped over or didn’t understand the first time around.


Rita Mulchay’s 8th Edition Book

Rita provides you with a great source to understand the project management processes. Her book is not as dry as the PMBOK and is more interesting. I read this book twice. As you read a book again, you pick up so much more info than you do the first time around. Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep will give you another perspective on taking the test along with tips and exam practice questions.



Although I did not buy into the Izenbridge training program, I heavily watched their videos on Youtube to understand specific areas of project management. The videos really dive deep into the topics and add a huge amount of learning value!


PM Prepcast and Simulator by Cornelius Fichtner

Cornelius Fichtner does a great job at explaining the how-to’s of project management. In addition to great videos, the simulator was the real goldmine! When I took the PMP exam, there were a total of 9 practice exams, all of which, I took at least twice. For a complete month, I woke up 3 hours before work and would take a practice exam. This was a brutal month, but so worthwhile! I made sure to score at least 85% or higher on his exams to feel confident to schedule my PMP Exam. One of the most valuable things on his simulator was the explanations to the questions. When I would go through and correct my exam, I would go over each question and review each question. The questions I had the most difficulty with, I would create a shortlist of topics to review. I could then later go back into the videos and / or the PMBOK and dive deeper.


Joining Social Media Groups For Study Help

There are many social media groups out there that have the same goal, pass the PMP exam. Facebook has some high-quality groups. Linkedin has a couple of really good ones as well. Additionally, for specific questions pertaining to the exam, I would sometimes find great answers on Quora and on Reddit. Don’t forget about these two valuable resources! There are a lot of professionals out there who are sharing well-written answers to your questions!


Know How To Use The Formulas And Diagrams

I can’t emphasize this enough! First memorize the formulas; second understand how and why they are used.  Grab some Youtube videos and other books and activities to practice using the formulas.


Practice More Exam Questions

I can’t emphasize this enough. It is one thing to read the PMBOK, but another to do the questions. The PMP exam questions are full of fluff, so you really have to read the question and eliminate all of the excess info. Practice, practice, practice doing exam questions. You will notice that your speed at reading questions and identifying the important information becomes much faster. You will also notice that you become less tired when taking the exams. One great resource to test your knowledge is Oliver Lehmann’s Self-Assessment Test. His test is no joke. If you score well on his test, you are on the road to a successful PMP exam result.


Additional Tips For Your PMP Preparation Roadmap 1

Score high on practice exams. I know that this is a no-brainer, but you should really set a goal to get a certain score on your practice tests. Although we do not know the exact passing score of the PMP, some say it’s 62%, others say it is upwards of 80%, you should always aim to score high. You want to guarantee that you will pass the test the first time around.


Additional Tips For Your PMP Preparation Roadmap 2

Get used to creating a braindump. Although you cannot use the tutorial time anymore to create your braindump, just start the exam and jot your formulas down.  It took me roughly seven to eight minutes to write everything down, but well worth it. The test is mentally exhausting, or at least was for me, so having the formulas and other information I deemed relevant on the brain dump was extremely valuable. One thing I would do when practicing on the exam simulators was to click “start exam” and then quickly jot down the info I wanted to have.


Other Must Reads To Get PMP Certified Before March 26th


A Few Last Words Before Your Big Exam

Best of luck on getting prepared for the big PMP Exam and getting PMP certified before March 26th. For more articles on project management certification, check out the get-certified articles.


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