Complete How-to Guide for PMP Exam Formulas
Complete How-to Guide for PMP Exam Formulas
December 6, 2017
Should I Become a PMI Member
Should I Become a PMI Member?
December 11, 2017

How to Maintain Multiple PMI Certifications

How to Maintain Multiple PMI Certifications

Continue your education to maintain PMI certifications.

How to Maintain Multiple PMI Certifications

Do you know how to maintain multiple PMI certifications? More than likely after you have taken your PMP Exam, you will consider pursuing one of PMI’s other certifications. One of the main ones these days is the PMI-ACP for Agile practitioners. If you consider taking more than one certification, you will have to accumulate a few more PDUs to maintain your certification. Let’s see how it works.


Leadership and Strategic & Business Management Categories

Some PDUs can be used across certifications, as they are broader. Any PDUs received in the Leadership and Strategic & Business Management category will be considered for all your certifications. In other words, say you have a PMP certification and a PMI-ACP certification; if you watch a webinar about strategy worth 1 PDU for your PMP, it will also be worth 1 PDU for your PMI-ACP and be counted towards the 30 hours you need to recertify your PMI-ACP certification. Basically, if you hold multiple certifications, the leadership and strategic & business management will be applied to all your certificates.


Technical Category

Technical PDUs are a bit different. Since technical PDUs can be very specific, they may not apply to all your certifications. If the technical concept is relevant to a specific certificate, you may claim it. Make sure to claim the time of the event and how much time you learned about a specific technical aspect for your specific certificate. For example, you are a PMP and PMI-ACP. You go to a project management summit and participate in an 8-hour event. Most of the event is about project management, but the last 2 hours will be about Agile. You can claim 8 hours for PMP and 2 hours for PMI-ACP. Just to note here, any technical PDUs will be accepted for PMP certifications.


Giving Back

Let’s keep it simple here. Whatever project management work you do to give back to the profession can be counted towards all your certifications. If you volunteer for 5 hours at a company in project management, and you have 2 different certifications from PMI (PMP, PMI-ACP, etc.), you can count the 5 hours towards both equally.


Wrap Up

Now, more than ever, it is simple and straightforward to maintain your certifications. PMI has partnered with Acclaim to give certified practitioners digital badges. These digital badges help show employers and others that you are in fact certified, the validity of your certifications, and the knowledge areas you would have learned to obtain the certificate. Now that you how to maintain multiple PMI certifications, it is time to get started on collecting PDUs

If you have any questions, comments, or would like me to add something to the article, please contact me. For more articles on project management certifications, go to our Get-Certified Articles page.

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