How to ask for a reference letter.
How to Ask for a Reference Letter
October 23, 2017
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October 30, 2017

How To Write A Resume – 5 Top Resume Tips

How To Write A Resume – 5 Top Resume Tips

Learn tips on how to write a resume.

How To Write A Resume – 5 Top Resume Tips

Hi, Philip Chesney here from English Interviews. In today’s video, we are going to talk about How To Write A Resume – 5 Top Resume Tips and show you the essential elements and layouts of a resume.

Simplistic Layout

Number 1: Use a simplistic layout. We need to think about how recruiters are going to view our resume. They need to be able to find the info and fast. On average, they will scan it in about 5-7 seconds. Try using a common, easy to read font like Times New Roman or Arial. We have used Times New Roman here. There are other good ones as well. Just nothing to fancy. Try using font size 11 or 12. In most cases here on the page, I have used font size 11. Nothing smaller as it can be hard to read. And finally, don’t send a 7-page resume. Keep it to 1 or 2 pages. So for someone with not a whole lot of experience, keep it to one or maximum two pages.  

Contact Info

Number 2: Add your contact info to the top of the resume. You can also add your phone number and email address and a Linkedin account url if you have one. Now, there is no need for you to add your birthdate and other info and definitely not your SSN! Additionally, you do not need to add a picture. In the US, this can be seen as discriminatory, so most interviewers prefer that you do not add one. Contrarily, in some countries like Brazil, they do request a picture, so maybe you should have two files, one with a picture and one without one.

Professional Experience

Number 3: Add relevant professional experience to the resume. For instance, using myself here as an example, I was a stock manager at Gap when I was just starting out my career. Nowadays, I am a project manager and work on big education projects. For my professional experience, it is not beneficial to add the Gap experience, as it is not at all related to what I do nowadays. So, keep it relevant. As we see here, David Smith wants to become a Marketing manager, so he talks about his experience as a marketing analyst and also a marketing assistant, both of which are relevant to his goal. So, if we look here, Company experience XYZ in Boston, he Is a marketing analyst, and then we can see some of the tasks he has worked on here. Then also marketing assistant. So, both of these are relevant to his goal of becoming a marketing manager.


Number 4: Add relevant education. If you have gotten your Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree, add those courses. If you have taken course in a software or a language, add those as well. But if you are in business, don’t add a course like Umbrella Painting to your education area, as it is not relevant. Nothing against it, but that course is better suited for extracurricular activities.


And finally, number 5: Add skills. Add skills that are related to the position or positions you are applying for. If you are great at working in teams, you might add something like great team-player. If you are skilled in Agile Project Management, add it. These are important skills and keywords to add to your resume as they are relevant to your experience. As we can see here, David is an expert in Microsoft Office with focus on Excel and Powerpoint. He is also bilingual, he also does blogging and vlogging. He is also certified in digital marketing, so he probably has some pretty good skills there.

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Wrap Up

I hope that you have liked today’s video about How To Write A Resume – 5 Top Resume Tips and you will be able to put these tips into practice. This video will be part of a series on writing resumes. So, in the next video, I will break down how to write about your professional experience along with some tips. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and share it with your friends who are on the job hunt. Until next Tuesday!

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