What Happens If I Get Audited For PMP?
What Happens If I Get Audited for PMP?
November 6, 2017
What Is The PMP Passing Score?
What Is The PMP Passing Score?
November 8, 2017

Is the PMP Given in Other Languages?

Is the PMP given in other languages

Different countries preparing for PMP Exam

Is the PMP Given in Other Languages?

Is the PMP given in other languages? This is a common question for foreign exam takers. The PMP Exam is only given in English, but you may request a language aid for your examination when you submit your PMP Application and Payment. The PMP® Exam currently offers language aids in 14 languages:


Brazilian Portuguese

Chinese Simplified

Chinese Traditional













All language aids are received when the test is being administered. The staff at the Prometric Test Center will give you your language aid. Do not forget to request one when you fill out your application! More information on where to take your PMP Exam. Once you pay your exam fees, you will receive an email with exam eligibility. There will be information mentioning that you will have a language aid. If you do not see that, you can contact PMI at customercare@pmi.org. The language aid is used for exam questions and answers. All the tutorials and surveys will be offered only in English. For more information on language aids, you can refer to the PMP Handbook page 18.


Do other PMI Tests Have Language Aids?

Yes and No. It really depends on which test you take. The PMI-ACP test does not offer any language aids. (Books to study for PMI-ACP Exam) It is only administered in English and no language aids are currently available. The CAPM® does offer language aids. It offers all the same language aids as the PMP® except for Polish. If you are looking to take some of the other certifications from PMI and you need a language aid, check out the respective handbook for each exam. Just open the handbook, click Control F, and search for “language aid”.

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