Are You Ready To Take The PMP Exam?
Am I Ready To Take The PMP Exam?
September 18, 2017

No More Brain Dump On The Exam?!

Exam taker creating brain dump for exam.

Exam taker creating Brain Dump on PMP exam.

No More Brain Dump On The Exam?!


Is This Really The Case?

As we study for the PMP or other PMI exams, it was a common practice to create a brain dump. In other words, you would take the 15-minute tutorial and jot down all the formulas and other relevant information that you wanted to have at your fingertips. Well, not exactly. Let’s clarify. According to PMI, brain dumps are still allowed, but not allowed during the tutorial. The tutorial is for tutorial purposes. Once the exam has begun, you may use your scratch paper to create your brain dump, but only once the test has begun! You can find more information on what you can do during the tutorial time in the PMI Handbook on page 33.


My Experience

I have taken both the PMP and PMI-ACP. When I took the PMP, I made use of the tutorial time to create my brain dump. It took me roughly seven to eight minutes to write everything down, but well worth it. The test is mentally exhausting, or at least was for me, so having the formulas and other information I deemed relevant on the brain dump was extremely valuable. One thing I would do when practicing on the exam simulators was to click “start exam” and then quickly jot down the info I wanted to have. That worked well for me. On my subsequent exam, the PMI-ACP, I was unable to create a brain dump during the tutorial.


Should I Bother Creating One?

The answer is, it is up to you. For me, if I can have the formulas and other relevant information at my fingertips, I want to have it. Testing can be stressful and tiring. You may forget a simple formula or make a simple mistake during the test. The brain dump can help reduce that error margin. Here is my brain dump. 

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