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What Is The PMP Passing Score?
November 8, 2017
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November 14, 2017

PMP Certification Requirements – What You Need To Take The Exam!

PMP Certification Requirements

What are the PMP Certification Requirements?

PMP Certification Requirements – What You Need To Take The Exam!

Do you know what the PMP certification requirements are? Are you looking to enhance your knowledge in project management and gain prestige in the market? A PMP® Certification can help you attain this. In this article, we will look at the basic requirements to apply for the PMP® Certification. Let’s check them out.


PMP Certification Requirements

To apply for the PMP® Certification, you need to have a certain amount of professional experience and education. This experience must have been accrued consecutively in the last eight years. Let’s look at the first group.


Group 1
 Educational background – you need to have a high-school diploma, or an associate’s degree, or the rough international equivalent.
 Project management experience – you should have at least 5 years of PM experience. These five years cannot overlap, and you must have at least 7500 total hours where you led or directed the project.
 Project management education – you will need 35 contact hours.

Notice in group 1, PMI demands more project management experience/hours if you have not acquired a sufficient educational background.


Group 2
 Educational background – you need a four-year degree, or a bachelor’s degree or the international equivalent.
 Project Management experience – you need a minimum of three years. These projects cannot overlap, but must be sequential. Your total experience must be at least 4500 hours where you led or directed the projects.
 Project management education – you must also have 35 hours of project management courses. PMI refers to them as contact hours.

Make sure when you fill out the application that you describe how you led and directed your projects. See how to fill out the application in this article. You should follow the PMBOK and apply what you have done in projects across the 5 process groups. It is not necessary to have experience in all the 5 process groups on one project, but you should have had experience in the five process groups on some of your projects.



It is easy to see if you qualify or not by just looking at the PMP certification requirements section in the PMP Handbook. If you do not qualify yet, but are interested in pursuing the PMP exam, you should first find a short course of at least 35 hours focused on project management. PMI has numerous Registered Education Providers (REPs) in their database. There are many course offerings, so you will have what you need. Second, get more experience as a project manager. Make sure to lead and direct projects. Furthermore, if you get a bachelor’s degree or a higher degree, this makes it easier to meet the certification requirements.

Please feel free to drop me any questions, comments, or tell me if I should add anything to the article. For more articles on getting certified, please access our Get-Certified Articles page.

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