Skype interview tips
Skype Interview Tips
October 10, 2017
Can We Contact Your Employer?
Can We Contact Your Employer?
October 13, 2017

Where Can I Take The PMP Exam?

Test Center PMP Exam

Taking PMP Exam at Test Center

Where Can I Take The PMP Exam?

The PMP ® Exam is offered in a written or computer based test (CBT) format. In most cases, you will take the CBT. PMI uses approved Prometric testing sites to give the tests. Prometric is a specialized testing facility that offers both PMI exams as well as internet based tests from other companies. If you need to take a paper based test (PBT), you can click on the link to find a testing site. Once on the page, click on “Locate a paper based test event.”


Finding A Test Center

To find a testing facility near you, first insert your test sponsor, i.e. the organization from which you are applying for certification. Once you insert this information, you can then select from the top menu “Locate a test center.” Next, insert your country and state. You will then be prompted to select the exam choice. Let’s select PMP ® here. Finally, you insert your zip code to find the nearest testing centers for that particular exam.


Should I Book My Exam In Advance?

Every test is a little bit different. Some have longer wait times. In most cases for PMP®, it is offered daily at the testing sites I have used. I have taken both the PMP® and PMI-ACP®, and they were offered daily at the two testing sites. From my experience, there were normally a few slots open to select your test days; but once again, it really depends on your city and how many other tests the Prometric center offers. For those of you that need a language aid, see what languages are offered here. This is another reason that you should book your exam in advance. You might want to guarantee that you have your language aid. 


Proving Who You Are

You will be required to bring valid governmental ID to the Prometric test center. The ID must have the same exact name that is registered for the exam. The ID must be valid, use the English alphabet, have a photo and a signature.



There are published rules that must be followed at the Prometric testing sites. These rules are taken very seriously and must be respected. Here is a direct link to the Prometric Test Center Regulations.

If you have any questions about the test centers, please feel free to contact me. If you are getting ready to take your exam, take a moment and go over a few valuable links to help you prepare. Complete How-to Guide for PMP Exam Formulas, Free PMP Exam Questions 2017, and Am I Ready to Take the PMP Exam?  For more articles on PM Certification, check out our library of Get-Certified Articles.



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