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October 30, 2017
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Free PMP Exam Questions 2017
November 2, 2017

Should I Get A PMP Certification? Is It Worth It?

Should I get a PMP Certification

Is it worth getting a PMP certification?

Should I Get A PMP Certification? Is It Worth It?

Should I get a PMP certification? The project management industry has been growing constantly, and the pursuit of certification is right up with it. The Project Management Professional Certification, otherwise known as PMP®, is the most renowned certification in the PM industry. Here are some reasons you should consider pursuing certification.


Worldwide Recognition

Join more than 730,000 PMP® certificate holders across the world. This is one of the top ten certification programs, highly sought after, which gives you a solid base in project management. Employers know this; that is why it is well-accepted and in demand.   


Salary Increase and Negotiation Leverage

Getting certified with a PMP® certificate is a great way to get a salary increase. A PMP® certificate holder can expect a bump in salary and a new level of prestige at the current company. According to PMI’s Earning Power Report, PMP® certificate holders can receive up to 20% more than other non-certified project managers. On average, PMP® certificate holders make $111,000 per year compared to $91,000 for non-certified project managers. Payscale also gives us some insight on different salaries for PMs.  If a salary increase is not directly offered, a PMP certificate can be an excellent bargaining chip to try to get a wage increase.


Better Job Opportunities – Worldwide

Certification can open many new doors. The certificate is your stamp of approval to getting a better PM job and working on the best and most challenging projects.


More Attractive to Recruiters

Employers are more likely to hire a PMP® certificate holder than a non-certified professional because, many times, companies demand the certification. They know that you must put in serious time and effort to get certified. It shows you are dedicated and know how to prepare for a big test. Additionally, the certification is globally recognized, and it states that you understand how to use proven methodologies and frameworks.


Great Educational Investment

A PMP® certificate can be a great addition to your professional profile and to your professional toolbelt. It gives in-depth knowledge in project management and doesn’t just skim the surface as do many other courses and some MBAs. In a cost comparison with graduate courses such as a master’s degree and a MBA, a PMP® certification is a fraction of the cost. Non PMI members pay $550 and probably another $200-$400 to take a project management course and simulator. Drastically cheaper than a graduate course, PMP® certification offers you a lot of value, both tangible and intangible.



Should I get a PMP certification? Undoubtedly, a PMP® certification can add value and help catapult you ahead in your career. With this stamp of approval, you become more attractive to employers and may earn higher wages in the market. Although the test is difficult and takes serious study time, the overall return on investment is quite high. Well worth the investment.

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