PMP Certification Requirements
PMP Certification Requirements – What You Need To Take The Exam!
November 13, 2017
What Happens If I Fail The PMP Exam
What Happens If I Fail the PMP Exam?
November 15, 2017

How to Verify PMP Certification Status – All PMI Certifications

Verify PMP Certification Status

Learn How To Verify Your PMP Certification Status

How to Verify PMP Certification Status – All PMI Certifications

You can only verify PMP certification status if you have already taken, and passed, one of PMI’s exams. Additionally, you must be in good-standing i.e. you must have achieved the necessary amount of PDUs to revalidate your certificate. If you want to check your status e.g. your PMP certification status, click on the certification registry. Once you are on this page, all you need to do is insert: last name; first name; country; and select specific credential or all. In my case, since I have two different certifications, PMP® and PMI-ACP®, I see both appear below. The page tells me the credentials, the date they were earned, and their respective status.

If you have just passed one of PMI’s exams, it may take a day or two to add the info on the certification status, but don’t worry!


Check an Interviewee’s PMP Certification Status

If you or your company is hiring a project manager for one of your positions, and you want to make sure he or she holds the necessary certification, you can access the same link. You insert the person’s last name, first name, country, and all credentials. Results will appear just like they appeared for my own above. I tested this function with a friend’s certification. I could see both of his certificates from PMI and their respective status.


Digital Badges

There is another way for you to show that you are certified. I don’t just mean posting your name e.g. Philip Chesney MBA, PMP on your Linkedin. You can prove you are certified with one of PMI’s certifications through Acclaim. PMI has partnered with Acclaim and now offers you a digital badge. The nice thing about the badge is the information it provides: who issued the certificate; the name of the credential holder; date of issue; and date of expiration. Additionally, the badge lays out the skills one has obtained by studying for the certification and the overall requirements to achieve it. It lists the prerequisites to apply for and be approved to take the test. To give you a better idea of what it looks like, I have added my badge here.

Once you have passed your PMP® or other certification from PMI, you will receive an email from Acclaim asking if you would like to claim your badge. If for some reason you do not receive an email from Acclaim offering you the badge, you can email their support page


Wrap up

PMI has made it super simple to verify PMP certification status for certificate holders and recruiters, if they have the name of the certificate holder. The badges also make that process even easier. With the click of a button, anyone can know you are certified. Once you are certified, make sure to continue honing your PM skills, getting necessary PDU hours, and maintaining your PMP certification status. For more articles on project management certification, click on Get-Certified Articles

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