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December 18, 2017
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What Are The Most Important Qualities Of A Project Manager?

What are the most important qualities of a Project Manager

What skills do you need to be a great project manager?

What Are The Most Important Qualities Of A Project Manager? – Transcript

Hi, I’m Philip Chesney from English Interviews and the new project management page, AgiFall. In today’s video, we are going to talk about, “what are the most important qualities of a Project Manager?”


Excellent Communication

As stated in PMI’s PMBOK, a project manager’s job is roughly 85%-90% communication. A PM must be able to clearly and effectively convey and communicate information with teams, stakeholders, and other users. This is essential. Along with communication, PMs need to be able to share and sell the vision of a project. When I say sell, it is to get everyone on board, convinced, and believing in the project. Furthermore, PMs need to be able to tell the team the expectations from each person, and deliver professional feedback throughout the project. Project management depends on communication. Failing to communicate well will augment the chances of project and team failure.  



As a certified project manager from PMI or any of the other renowned project management organizations, you are expected to work with integrity. You are the example for the team. If you are giving the wrong messages, team members will follow suit and do things wrong as well. You must set the standards for your team and keep them accountable. Setting standards and following them is a great way to build trust. 



Enthusiasm is contagious. You want your team to be excited and enthusiastic about the project you’re building. This enthusiasm helps motivate your team. ON the contrary, if you are pessimistic, what can you expect of the team?


Problem Solver

We can plan and plan and plan our projects, create tons of charts and risk mitigation, but we will encounter some problems. That is an inherent part of projects. They are never so straightforward. It is important that the pm works with other team members to solve the problems that arise. There may be team members who can more easily correct a problem than the PM due to his or her skills, qualities, or professional experience. Sometimes when problems occur, bring the team together to come up with solutions.



Project management can be stressful. Sometimes due dates have passed, team members are out sick, and budgets need to be increased. The important thing here is that the PM can hold his composure. He must not fold under stress and pressure. This sends negative signals to other team members and can cause them stress as well. The PM must find ways of dealing with this stress.



A PM should not be a one-man army to take on tasks and work. He has a team to do that. He must play to the strengths of his team and delegate assignments accordingly, thus getting the best results possible. PMs who delegate the appropriate tasks to the right people have a higher success rate. Tasks get done and with high quality. Additionally, this helps save the PM time. Consequently, when you delegate a task to someone, you are telling them that you trust in them to get it done. You ascertain that they have the abilities and skills necessary to complete it.


Wrap Up

So, what do you think? What are the most important qualities of a Project Manager? What are some other top project management qualities we could add to the list?

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