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December 13, 2017
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December 19, 2017

What Are Your Salary Expectations?

What are your salary expectations

Learn the best tips to answer the question, "what are your salary expectations?"

What Are Your Salary Expectations? – Transcript

Hi, Philip Chesney here with English Interviews. In today’s video, we are finally going to talk about what are your salary expectations! This question can come in a number of different ways: how much salary do you expect, what are your salary expectations, what do you expect in the way of salary etc. No matter what way they ask it, you will have to find the best way to answer this question.

In most cases, interviewers are trying to determine if they can afford you, how confident you are and if you value your work. Sometimes employers are in the market for bargains – Looking for quality employees on the cheap.

Before you answer this question, you really need to know the market rate for the position. Nowadays, this information is much more accessible. Check out sites like Glassdoor, Payscale, Salary.com and others. Make sure you research this information, so you’ll feel better prepared. Having a general idea is better than having no idea!

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Here Are Some Situations That May Occur During Your Talk with The Recruiter.

How much do you expect to earn? Since you may not have had many interviews with this interviewer so far or this is the first one, focus more on selling yourself and throw the ball back in their court. “My focus is finding a position that is a good fit and that I am aligned with the company’s vision and mission. I am certain that the salary offered is competitive with the market.”

With this type of answer, you demonstrate confidence in your skills and you don’t want to make an on the spur of the moment decision. The worst thing you can do is sell yourself short and not make what you are worth.

However, there is the tendency that some interviewers will continue to push for a specific number. The number itself could even be a part of their filter. So, if you are pushed to give a number, convey to the recruiter that you have done your research and that for someone with this kind of experience would expect a range from X-Y.


If the Interviewer Asks About Your Current Salary

Not always we are getting an extremely high salary at our current job or maybe we are getting a great salary, or maybe we have a low base salary and a lot of commission, or maybe you have a series of benefits which justifies earning a lower salary.

-You may say something like – my current salary really doesn’t represent my current job. I have taken on a series of new tasks and responsibilities at work.

– You may also mention that you work in Arkansas but are interviewing for a position in Silicon value, so your salary there is much lower because cost of life is much lower.


Now for Some Tips

Stay positive and optimistic – Be grateful, and show your enthusiasm for the position.

Make a reasonable counter offer- It is best to give a range. But make sure you do your homework. Can you live on this salary?

Turning down the offer – if you have financial stability and can wait a few months for a better offer, sometimes it is best.

Sometimes there is a salary limit at a company – many times this is the case, but salary doesn’t have to be everything. Think about the rest of the package. Maybe you could negotiate a higher bonus, or maybe more vacation days, maybe company stock. This is definitely, something to consider and you should not shy away from. Make sure to bring it up in the talks.

So just remember, don’t be afraid of the question, be prepared for it. Next time an interviewer asks you, “what are your salary expectations?”, you will know how to answer this question. 


Wrap Up

I hope that you have liked today’s short tip and that you’ll be able to put it into practice. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and share it with your friends who are on the job hunt or are training others. Until next Tuesday. For more videos on interviewing, visit the English Interviews Youtube channel and the CareerPrep page. For articles on project management certification, click on Get-Certified Articles. And  here for project management how-to videos.

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  1. kiran sahu says:

    I am a fresher and going for my first interview I was so confused on how to tell your salary expectations to the interview,as a fresher I don’t know how my to except thanks for your article it gave me amazing tips to discuss my salary.
    Thanks for posting..!!

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