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November 2, 2017
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November 7, 2017

What Happens If I Get Audited for PMP?

What Happens If I Get Audited For PMP?

Learn what to do if you get audited for PMP Exam.

What Happens If I Get Audited For PMP?

What happens if I get audited for PMP? The audit is part of becoming a PMP®. Some people will be audited and some will not. There is a percentage of applicants that will be audited; however, we don’t know how many. One of the main reasons PMI conducts audits on the applications is to guarantee the quality of its applicants. PMI wants to ascertain whether you have had the necessary education and experience needed to sit for the exam and become a PMP®.


Audit Timeline

Once you have submitted the information that PMI requests, the process takes one week. PMI will review the material to be audited, and once approved, you will receive an email to schedule your exam along with other exam-taking instructions.


How To Submit Audit Material

PMI does not accept faxes or emails for the audited documents. All items should be sent via post or courier (DHL, Fedex, etc) to PMI. It is best to add everything in one envelope to facilitate the process and save you money. Don’t forget to hand sign the papers. Printed e-signatures will not be accepted. The address to send your requested audit material to is:

PMI Attn.:

Certification Audit

14 Campus Blvd.

Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299 USA


Proving your Work Experience

More than likely, PMI may deem your work experience description insufficient on the application, thus moving to the audit state. See how to fill out your PMP application here.  You can prove you were a manager/supervisor/ or consultant at a company by requesting clients, colleagues, peers, and even a supervising manager to verify your experience. These people do not necessarily need to still be working at the same company. The important thing is to choose someone who has in-depth knowledge of the project you worked on and can verify it.

In some cases, project managers work on projects that have sensitive information and are from a highly classified environment. PMI knows this is the case at some companies and encourages you to share the information that follows your company’s practices and policies. PMI is very sensitive to the information it receives; it encourages you to blackout anything proprietary in the submission. Furthermore, if you have asked for help from other managers at your company, and they are skeptical about the whole process, PMI can send a letter of intent to clarify the request.


Proving Educational Experience

Many of PMI’s applicants are from different countries, so it is common to have diplomas and certificates in different languages. PMI has clearly stated a simple process to follow to submit this information. If you have a university diploma or other certificate you want to send, just make a photocopy of it. If your original diploma or certificate was written in another language, make a copy of the original and send a translation with it. For courses taken in-house that do not furnish a certificate, PMI will accept a letter of completion from the HR department or manager. The letter must have the official letterhead of the company. Additionally, if you have taken a course at a school or university, a transcript of the course will also be accepted. The only submission that PMI does not accept is a receipt or course roster from a school or college because this does not prove that you took the course and / or passed it.


Does PMI Follow Up with Managers?

PMI states that it reserves that right to contact managers if they feel there is still insufficient information.


I Failed the Audit… What’s Next?

Since this is a case by case basis, PMI’s certification department would give you specific instructions on how to proceed. If for some reason you, the applicant, decide not to pursue the audit and furnish your information, the application will be discarded and considered as non-conformant. The former applicant, if interested in pursuing certification again, will have to wait 365 days to re-apply. This also subjects the applicant to a re-audit.  


Wrap Up

So, what happens If I get audited for PMP? Audits can happen even to the best-intentioned people. Remember, the institution is concerned to maintain prestige and quality; therefore, all submissions will be carefully screened. This helps the whole project management community makes sure your certification is worth it! If you are selected for an audit, just send in the information necessary to verify your education and / or work experience.

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